News and highlights of Ariela Arabians

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July 2024
Last weekend, during the Venice Land Cup International B Show - Italy, our home-bred filly, Luiba AA, was shown by Giacomo Capacci. Luiba AA is sired by AJ Kafu out of Lulu AA, a daughter of Marwan Al Shaqab out of Labibah AA (Nader Al Jamal x Latifah AA by Al Maraam). She represents four generations of our breeding program...
It was Luiba's first European Show. Our young girl performed very well and was 1st in her class and then named Silver Champion Yearling filly of the Show.
We wish to thank Giacomo and his devoted team, for all the hard work they did with our filly and we look forward to seeing her in the next shows.
Photo by Bar Hajaj

April 2024
We are happy to inform that Lisa & Willie Brown from the world-famous stud, Elkasun Arabian in South Africa is leasing (again!) one of our young stallions for their successful breeding program.
Lisa & Willie Brown are the founders of one of today's most successful breeding programs. They are the breeders of many fine horses, including the world champions EKS Alihandro and EKS Farajj. Some years ago they chose one of our junior stallions, Shams Al Din AA (Shams Sharav AA x Ralya) for the EKS breeding program and now they have chosen to cross one of our young stallions with their wonderful group of mares.
This young horse is the eye-catching Sarab AA. Lisa & Willie first set eyes on this young horse when he was only a yearling and asked to lease him. Later, they had the chance to see him again and they loved him even more!
Sarab AA is a Straight Egyptian Stallion. He is a son of the well-bred stallion Kenz Al Baydaa that was bred by the world famous Al Baydaa Stud from Egypt and then purchased at a very young age by Mrs. Nayla Hayek to join her exquisite collection of straight Egyptian horses. Mrs. Hayek was very kind and let us have him here for two breeding seasons. Needless to say, he did extremely well for our breeding program.
The dam of Sarab AA is the well known mare Sofiya AA, a daughter of Al Ayal AA out of Saniyyah RCA. She is a show champion in the US and in Israel. This mare is one of our most beautiful mares and in the last few years she has become a great broodmare for our program.
We would like to send our best wishes to Lisa and Willie; we wish you a lot of success with Sarab AA and we look forward to see how he will do for your great breeding program! And thank you for your long-time collaboration and trust!
Photo by Bar Hajaj

April 2024
Something positive for our Passover holiday, celebrated in the early spring:
A bit over a month ago we had an unexpected surprise. A kind of surprise that none of us horse breeders are happy to have; in the middle of one of the coldest nights here this winter; one ofour finest mares, the multi champion Lutifna AA (Nader Al Jamal x Latifah AA by Al Maraam) lay down and starting to foal. All seems to be in order. Just another mare giving birth...
The first foal came out, a tiny little filly. She seems alert but very, very small. Then the mare kept pushing and pushing, as hard as she could. We had no idea what was going on so it was actually a very scary moment. Shortly after, two other tiny legs came out and within a few moments, a second filly was on the ground. She was alive too but both fillies were very small and looked extremely fragile. About half the size of a normal foal. To our surprise, both girls were standing up and drinking after three hours.
Unfortunately, the mare didn't have enough milk and became extremely impatient with her fillies. It was even dangerous to keep them with her without any of us standing next to her stall. So after giving them plasma, we decided to start feeding them with a bottle and stayed next to them around the clock.
It was a long road but slowly the mare became more and more patient and started caring for her girls. You could actually see her improving every day that passes. She still didn't have enough milk but the fillies seemed to be very happy with the bottle and then the bucket feeding. They slowly started to put on weight.
Now it's been a bit over a month since the birth of these fillies. We are happy to share that they seem fine but still have a long way to go. Until now we didn't have the courage to name them, but it feels like now is the time. So, we are asking for your help to help us to find two good names that start with "L".
(In order to remove any doubt and before any negative comments will pop up; please note that Lutfina had only one follicle during the time of her breeding and only one (!) Corpus Luteum after ovulation. She had five pregnancy checks during her pregnancy!).
Photo by Bar Hajaj.

April 2024
At the 9th Qatar Peninsula AHS for Individual Owners Show, the Al Ayal AA daughter, Asrar Al Nawasi (out of Safira Al Dohul), was the winner of her age group with 92.10 points. Later on, this beautiful Straight Egyptian filly was named Silver Champion Junior Filly of the show.
Congratulations to her breeder and owner, Al Nawasi Stud from Qatar.
Photo of Al Ayal AA by Bar Hajaj

April 2024
We have been blessed...
Yes, over the years we have been blessed with some beautiful foals, some we kept for our breeding program, but many good ones were sold to some wonderful people. Every keen breeder knows that every now and then we get foals that make our hearts beat a bit faster, and a bit louder. For us, it happened when we get a foal (or foals, in this case) that are truly the results of our own breeding program. It is always more fun when you are the breeder behind the idea of crossing these horses in order to create your own dream.
This year it was the case when two very special fillies were born within two days of each other. The sires of these fillies are father and son, and the dams are mother and daughter. Crossing them together is just the essence of a breeding program in our opinion.
The first filly is sired by Shams Sharav AA, a son of the great stallion Simeon Sharav (Asfour x Simeon Shuala) out of our breeding pearl, Saniyyah RCA (Mishaal HP x My Shooting Star by Thee Desperado), a mare whose influence on our breeding program is equal to the influence of The Vision HG. The dam of this filly is the most exquisite young mare Nour Al Jamal, a daughter of the great sire Nader Al Jamal (Ansata Sinan x Savannah CC) out of Noya AA.
The second filly is sired by the extreme typey stallion Shams Al Din AA, a son of Shams Sharav AA (mentioned above) and the Laheeb (Imperial Imdal x AK Latifa) daughter Ralya (out of Sahara PG by Botswana). The dam of this filly is Noya AA herself, a mare who has her own fan club. Noya AA is a stunning flea bitten grey beauty, a daughter of Al Ayal AA (Al Ayad x The Vision HG) out of Insha Sha Latifa (Ansata Selman x Naffada by Imperial Imdal).
So, for us, this is what breeding is all about. Now, just look at these little girls and feel our happiness and satisfaction.
Photos by Bar Hajaj

March 2024
What a wonderful start...
We would like to congratulate Johanna Ullström & Jeremy Malou for breeding this beautiful grey filly by Al Wahab AA! This filly is out of GT Shaharaah (Sharahm x TF Shahraaz)
Al Wahab AA is the youngest of our most important "Golden Cross". He is sired by Laheeb out of The Vision HG. That makes him a full bother to a great lineup of famous horses! His oldest brother is one of the most decorated Straight Egyptian horses ever; Al Lahab - World Champion Stallion. His other full siblings are all champions, including Al Hadiyah AA and Al Raheeb AA and Al Halah AA. Al Halah AA is also the great greatmother of World Champion EKS Farajj.
From his dam's side, Al Wahab is a half brother to Dubai Junior Champion colt and Bronze Champion Stallion Al Ayal AA (the only horse at the 2018 World Championship who received perfect scores of 20 for Type across the board), 1999 All Nations Cup Reserve Junior Champion Al Maraam and My Vision AA - Gold Champion Yearling Filly at the Mediterranean Arab Arabian Horse Championship, Menton.
This filly is Al Wahab's firstborn since he arrived at Johanna and Jeremy's beautiful farm in France. She is the first but we hope more beautiful fillies will come! Well done guys!
Photo by Johanna Ullström

March 2024
he Fakhar Al Arab Show for Straight Egyptian horses, was held in Kuwait last week with over 230 horses competing.
The Mare Lujina (Al Ayal AA x Mashalla Aleha/Al Manar) was 1st in her Mares class and in the Championship was named Silver Champion Mare. Congratulations!
Our home-bred stallion, Baahir AA, a son of Al Ayal AA out of Badriyah AA (Nader Al Jamal x Baraaqa AA/Laheeb) was 2nd in his class and later on was named Silver Champion Stallion! He was shown beautifully by Mr. Giacomo Capacci.
Baahir AA is no stranger to the winner's circle; since he was yearling he was shown with great success and as a two years old he was named Gold Champion Colt at the World Championship for Straight Egyptian Horses in Milano. This young stallion is a son of Al Ayal AA out of our great broodmare Badriyah AA (Nader Al Jamal x Baraaqa by Laheeb to The Vision HG), a dam of many champions. Baahir AA is a full brother to our Badaya AA & Basmin AA.
Congratulations to Mr. Khalid Abdulaziz Al Nughaimshi of Asayel Stud for Baahir's success!
Photo of Baahir AA by Gigi Grasso

February 2024
At the 2024 KIAHF - Arabian Peninsula Horse Show, for Straight Egyptian horses, held last weekend in Doha, Qatar, horses related to our breeding program did very well; The yearling Shaheen AA (Al Ayal AA x Saniyyah RCA) son, AKM Lusail (out of Aisha) was first of his age group with the wonderful score of 92.36 points, including 12 scores of 20!
The three year old filly, Ora Nasamat, sired by Naseem Al Rashediah out of the Al Ayal AA (Al Ayad x The Vision HG) daughter Bint Sadaf El Asil, was 1st in her class too with a super score of 93.21 points, including 17 20's!!!!
Yesterday at the Championships, AKM Lusail was named Gold Champion Yearling Colt and Ora Nasamat was named Silver Champion Junior Filly! Alf, Alf Mabrouk to all the breeders and owners of these beautiful horses! Well done!
Photo of Shaheen AA, by Bar Hajaj

February 2024
We are happy to welcome this Straight Egyptian grey colt by the well-known Qatari sire Nasser Al Rayyan (Sinan Al Rayyan x Nadrah Al Rayyan by Ashhal Al Rayyan), out of our mare Nashwat Al Shamal AA. Nashwat Al Shamal AA is one of our young mares. She is a rare daughter of the legendary sire Salaa Al Dine (Ansata Halim Shah x Hanan) bred by Dr. Nagel of Germany. Her dam is our premium mare Nashwah AA, one of most awarded and beautiful mares we had ever bred. Nashwah AA is the daughter of the German bred sire Al Ayad (Moheeb x Al Mamunah by Maysoun), out of Insha Sha Latifa (Ansata Selman x Naffada by Imperial Imdal), with dam line to the great mare Deenaa (Sameh x Dahma II) tracing to the Farida Branch of El Dahma.
We are looking forward to see how this little colt will be growing up and hope he can take part in the development of our Straight Egyptian breeding program.
Photos by Mansour Habka

February 2024
Alf, Alf Mabrouk to Ajman Stud for the success of AJ Marzan progeny at the last Al Shiraa International Arabian Horse Show, held in Abu Dhabi. The stunning bay Marzan Daughter AJ Alula (out of Ayat Al Muawd) was named Gold Champion Mare, and her paternal sister Bidayer Albadr (out of Gaja Luna) was named Bronze Champion Mare. AJ Marzan will stay in Israel until August 2024 and then will return to his homeland to Ajman Stud.

Photo of AJ Marzan, by Bar Hajaj

January 2024
And here we are, starting all over again! We are so happy to welcome our very first foal by the great sire AJ Marzan (AJ Portofino x Hed AB Maria). And it's a filly, a beautiful bay filly out of our young Nader Al Jamal (Ansata Sinan x Savannah CC) daughter out of the most exotic mare Noya AA (Al Ayal AA x Insha Sha Latifa). This filly has HUGE black eyes, an extreme head, a good body and great movement! Just what we were all hoping for from this cross.
Photo by Bar Hajaj

January 2024
We would like to congratulate Mamoun and Omar Kitany on the birth of this beautiful Straight Egyptian grey filly sired by one of our junior stallions, Shams Al Din AA (Shams Sharav AA x Ralia/Laheeb).
Alf Mabrouk!

January 2024
Alf Mabrouk to our dear friend Salman Basha, a long time keen breeder of Straight Egyptian horses! Salman has been leasing one of our junior stallions, Adnan AA, for the past two years. Now, after seeing some of Adnan's first foals mature, and being extremely pleased with their high quality, Salman has made the decision to acquire this unique Egyptian stallion for his own breeding program.
Adnan AA is a son of the Al Baydaa bred stallion Kenz Al Baydaa, who was kindly leased to our stud for two breeding sessions by his owner, Hanaya Stud. Adnan's dam is the beautiful mare Atiq Adara, bred and owned by Idan Atiq Arabian Stud. She is a rare daughter of the German-bred stallion Al Ayad (Moheeb x Al Mamunah by Maysoun). tracing back in tail female to the root mare Venus, bred by the Shammar Bedouin.
Atiq Adara's dam is the champion mare Alhambra B, bred by the Babolna Stud in Hungary and chosen by Idan Atiq as a foundation mare. She was sired by one of the breed's most important sires, Salaa Al Dine (Ansata Halim Shah x Hanan), bred by Dr. Nagel of Germany. His dam, Hanan, was a game-changer for Straight Egyptian breeding, and is one of the most important Arabian mares of all time. Alhambra B traces back in tail-female to the RAS bred mare Bint Zareefa, a daughter of Balance and Zareefa, who traces to the very valuable Egyptian foundation mare Bint El Bahreyn, born in 1898, of the Dahman Shahwan strain.
We wish Salman good luck with Adnan AA and look forward to using this young stallion on our own mares in the future.
Photo by Bar Hajaj