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December 31st 2023
Whatever is beautiful. Whatever is meaningful. Whatever brings you happiness. May it be yours this holiday season and throughout the coming year.

December 2023
The team at Ariela Arabians and all of our farm friends would like to congratulate Alaa and Mussa Nijm on their recent wedding. We wish them and the whole family much happiness and the start of an exciting new life for the happy couple. Alf Mabrouk!

December 2023
We would like to congratulate our friends, Willie & Lisa Brown of Elkasun Arabians in South Africa for breeding the 2023 Reserve World Champion Stallion EKS Farajj, now proudly owned by Haras Royal de Bouznika from Morocco.
This wonderful typey stallion is sired by Ibn Farid, out of the Straight Egyptian mare EKS Bint Helwah, a daughter of Laheeb (Imperial Imdal x AK Latifa) and the mare Helwah AA (Al Ayad x Al Halah AA). Al Halah AA is a full sister to Al Lahab, Al Hadiyah, Al Raheeb AA and Al Wahab AA; all these great horses are sired by Laheeb out of the legendary black mare The Vision HG (The Desperado x Belle Staar). The Vision HG is also the dam of our senior stallion Al Ayal AA (Al Ayad) - 2018 Bronze World Champion Stallion and My Vision AA (Jyar Meia Lua) - 2019 Menton Gold Champion Yearling Filly.
On top of EKS Farajj's triumph, he was also the sire of the 2023 Gold Champion Yearling Colt and Bronze Champion Yearling Colt. Fabulous achievement for this successful young stallion.
Willie & Lisa, you guys are great breeders! Well done!!!!!!!

October 2023
We are honored to welcome to our breeding program another jewel from the highly regarded Ajman Stud program; the most exotic stallion AJ Nawash.
This young grey stallion is sired by one of the world's most beloved Arabian stallions, Shanghai EA, the most famous son of the champion maker WH Justice. The dam of AJ Nawash is the multi champion mare Inspired Najla, daughter of Ajman Moniscione (again a son of WH Justice) out of the Russian-bred mare Natalia. Inspired Najla is also the dam of the two wonderful horses; Cyclone OS and AJ Norah.
On her dam's side, Inspired Najla is a descendent of the Tersk Stud bred stallion, Balaton, who appears two times in her dam's pedigree. This Menes son, out of the Aswan daughter Panagia, was foaled in 1982 at Tersk and was immediately identified as the stud’s next great hope. Balaton became one of the youngest stallions to become a head sire at Tersk at just three years of age, and Tersk Director Alexander Ponomarev called him "the horse of the century at Tersk" after his first foal crop arrived. He is considered by many as the stallion with the most influence in Russian Arabian horse breeding today; through both his daughters and his sons. Balaton is the sire of World Champion Kubinec, who was not just one of the world's bred show horses but also an important sire with world-wide influence.
So, as bloodlines never lie, AJ Nawash's pedigree indicated that he has it all: beauty/type combined with great movement. We are looking forward to see how this horse will cross with our group of mares. We wish to thank Sheikh Ammar Bin Humaid Al Nuaimi, Crown Prince of Ajman for letting us use his beloved stallion and we thank Elisa Grassi & Frank Sponle for putting this wonderful opportunity together for Ariela Arabians.
Photo by Elisa Grassi

September 2023
Some horses related to our breeding program did very well at this year's All Nations Cup Show, so we would like to take a moment and mention them here:
At the 2023 Arabian Futurity Europe, the Gold Champion Weanling Colt, Saif Al Awamra, was sired by EKS Farajj (a horse related to our breeding program through his dam EKS Bint Helwah, a daughter of Laheeb out of Helwah AA (Al Ayad x Al Halah AA), out of an Al Ayal AA daughter.)
The magnificent 2011 Straight Egyptian Mare, Wadad Zamani (Laheeb x Zena Al Buraq by Al Manar (Al Maraam x Luiba)), was truly flying in the ring in a simply stunning performance and was 1st in her age group with 93.58 points (including four scores of 20 for movement) -- proof that Egyptian horses can both be stunning show horses and be great movers!
Last but not least, the majestic dappled grey stallion EKS Farajj (Ibn Farid x EKS Bint Helwah), bred by Elkasun Arabian Stud in South Africa, was 1st in his class and named Silver Champion Stallion!
Alf Mabrouk!
Photo of Wadad Zamani by Bar Hajaj

September 2023
We showed two of our homebred colts at the 2023 All Nations Cup Show in Aachen. Both colts trace to The Vision HG in the tail-female.
The two year old colt, Fajer AA (Shanghai EA x Fadwa AA by Nader Al Jamal), was shown by Tom Oben. Fajer AA performed extremely well and ended up in third place with a great score of 91.79!
For the yearling colt, Veraj AA (D Seraj x Vision of Marwan AA), Aachen was his first time ever in a showring. Unfortunately, he got scared and didn't show well at all. That's OK, because after all, these are animals, not machines... And still, this extremely beautiful colt managed to get 3rd place and thus entered the championship class. Veraj AA was shown by Raphael Curti.
So, with two homebred colts both making it to the championships, we are quite happy! A huge Thank you to the Obi team and the Privilege team for preparing our two boys for the show! You all did extremely well and both horses came to the show in great condition! Well Done!
Photo of Fajer AA by Bar Hajaj

September 2023
It is never easy to say goodbye but sometimes you just have to do it.
We want this opportunity and thank our friend and worker Mahari, who has been part of our family for the last nine years, for all the time we had together. Mahari is a kind, loving person and it has been a true honor for us to be part of his life.
All of us here at the farm, want to wish Mahari the best in his new journey to the land of the free. We are sure this change will bring him new opportunities, exciting challenges, and rewarding experiences. May he thrive in his new environment and may it make a positive impact on this wonderful man's life.
We will miss you greatly Mahari, and hope we can meet again one day.
With love and appreciation from all of us (including all your beloved cats, dogs and horses) at Ariela Arabians.
Photo by Bar Hajaj

August 2023
Sanaa AA
2021 Straight Egyptian Filly, by Al Ayal AA (Al Ayad x The Vision HG) out of Safiyyah AA (Laheeb x Saniyyah RCA).
Photo by Mansour Habka

August 2023
Nefertiti AA
2015 Straight Egyptian, Dahman Shahwan mare. Sired by Laheeb (Imperial Imdal x AK Latifa/ Ibn Moniet El Nefous) out of Nashwa AA (Al Ayad x Insha Sha Latifa/Ansata Selman).
Photo by Mansour Habka

July 2023
At the 2023 Sopot Arabian horse show in Poland, our grey colt Fajer AA, a son of Shanghai EA out of Fadwa AA (Fadi Al Shaqab x Donya Jamal/Nader Al Jamal), was 1st in his class and named Silver Champion Junior Colt.
Fajer AA was shown by Tom Oben, who did a great job presenting him!
Photo by Paola Drera

July 2023
Congratulations to El Ryad Stud from Italy, proud breeders and owners of Sulyna El Ryad - Gold Champion filly at the 2023 Montefalco Egyptian Show! This beautiful filly is a daughter of our late stallion Shaheen AA (Al Ayal AA x Saniyyah RCA).
Well done
Photos by Alessio Azzali

July 2023
Last weekend, at the 2023 International B Show in Strohen, our two-year-old filly Edan AA (Al Ayal AA x Ekliptyka by Ekstern) was named Bronze Champion Filly! Edan performed extremely well under the hands of Raphael Curti.
We wish to thank Raphael, and the whole amazing team of Privilege Arabians, for the great job they did to get Edan ready for this show!
Photo by Susanne Ismer

July 2023
Alf Mabrouk (again) to the very proud owner of the yearling colt Labeeq AA, a son of FA Al Rasheem out of our multi champion mare Labibah AA (Nader Al Jamal x Latifah AA by Al Maraam), who was named Gold Champion yearling Colt at the 2023 Israeli Breeder's Show!
We are so happy Labeeq AA is doing so well for you.
Photo of Labibah AA, by Ricard Cunill

Jun 2023
Malekat Al Khuyol GP (Shams Sharav AA x Rose Al Arabie/Baha AA) - High Scoring Horse of the Israeli Spring Egyptian Event (92.83 points)!
Photo by Bar Hajaj

Jun 23
The following is a complete list of all horses related to our breeding program (1st generation only!) who won championship titles at the 2023 Israeli Spring Egyptian Event:

Asmahan AA (Al Ayal AA x Ajayeb AA/Shams Sharav AA) - Gold Champion Filly Foal.
Aeshq Al Khaled (Shams Sharav AA x Kinaya RAA/Baha AA) - Bronze Champion Filly Foal.
Madar Al Shams AA (Shams Sharav AA x Nashwah AA/Al Ayad) - Gold Champion Colt Foal.
Saif Al Majd (Al AyaL AA x Zenat M.A/Shams Sharav AA) - Silver Champion Colt Foal.
Nayyab AA (Shams Al Din AA x Noya AA/Al Ayal AA) - Bronze Champion Colt Foal.
Nasmah AA (Moaiz Al Baydaa x Nefertiti AA/Laheeb) - Silver Champion Yearling Filly.
Yaren Bahsha (Shams Sharav AA x Assalaa -KH/Al Ayal AA) - Bronze Champion Yearling Filly.
Malekat Al Khuyol GP (Shams Sharav AA x Rose Al Arabie/Baha AA) - Gold Champion Junior Filly.
Sanaa AA (Al Ayal AA x Safiyyah AA/Laheeb) - Silver Champion Junior Filly.
Sarab AA (Kenz Al Baydaa x Sofiya AA/Al Ayal AA) - Gold Champion Junior Colt
Sinaya AA (Frasera Mashar x Safiyyah AA/Laheeb) - Gold Champion Mare.
Dunia Nadine HL (Kenz Al Baydaa x Nadine Bt Nadir/Nader Al Jamal) - Silver Champion Mare.
Kamar (Shaheen AA x Azhar Salam/Nader Al Roeya AA) - Bronze Champion Mare.
El Ajam MP (Al Ayal AA x Sonbolidaa DMF) - Bronze Champion Stallion.
Malekat Al Khuyol GP (Shams Sharav AA x Rose Al Arabie/Baha AA) - High Scoring Horse of the show (92.83 points)! Congratulations to ALL!!!
Malekat Al Khuyol GP, by Bar Hajaj

Jun 23
The Israeli Egyptian Event Spring Show was held last weekend. 142 horses took part in this show and many of them are related to our breeding program.
We showed nine of our own horses; eight made it to the championships and seven won titles.
Asmahan AA (Al Ayal AA x Ajayeb AA/Shams Sharav AA) was 1st in her class & was also awarded "Best Head". Later she was named unanimous Gold Champion Filly Foal.
Madar Al Shams AA (Shams Sharav AA x Nashwah AA/Al Ayad) also won his class and was awarded "Best Head" and was named Gold Champion Colt Foal with the 2nd highest score of the show (92.5 Points). Nayyab AA (Shams Al Din AA x Noya AA/Al Ayal AA) was named Bronze Champion Colt Foal.
Nasmah AA (Moaiz Al Baydaa x Nefertiti AA/Laheeb) was 2nd in her Yearling Class and named Silver Champion Yearling Filly.
Sanaa AA (Al Ayal AA x Safiyyah AA/Laheeb) was 1st in her class & awarded "Best Head". Later on she was named Silver Champion Junior Filly!
Bahiya AA (Kenz Al Baydaa x Sofiya AA/Al Ayal AA) was 2nd in her three-year-old class.
Sarab AA (Kenz Al Baydaa x Sofiya AA/Al Ayal AA) was 1st in his class and was awarded "Best Head". Later on he was named Gold Champion Junior Colt.
Sinaya AA (Frasera Mashar x Safiyyah AA/Laheeb) was 1st in her class and named Gold Champion Mare.
All of our horses were beautifully shown by our farm handler Mussa Nijm. We wish to thank our wonderful team for getting the horses ready in such a short time and for all the hard work, care and love. Thank you, guys!

Photos of the sisters, Sanaa AA (Al Ayal AA x Safiyyah AA) & Sinaya AA (Frasera Mashar x Safiyyah AA), by Bar Hajaj

Jun 23
Over 300 horses took part in the 2023 Galilee Arabian Horse Show, which was held last week. Our farm did not participate in this show but some horses related to our breeding program did extremely well;
Our homebred yearling colt Labeeq AA, a son of FA Al Rasheem out of our multi champion mare Labibah AA (Nader Al Jamal x Latifah AA by Al Maraam), was 1st in his age group and later on in the championships was named Bronze Champion yearling colt.
The Al Ayal AA daughter, Sultanat Al Anan (out of PA Mariah) was the winner of her age class with a great score of 92.88 points, including unanimous scores of 20 for Head and Neck. In the championships, this beautiful filly was awarded the title of Bronze Champion Junior Filly.
Also, the Gold Champion Weanling Colt and the Silver Champion Junior Filly were both progeny of the World Champion EKS Farajj, a horse related to our breeding program through his dam EKS Bint Helwah, a daughter of Laheeb out of Helwah AA (Al Ayad x Al Halah AA). Interesting to note that both of these horses are out of Al Ayal AA (Al Ayad x The Vision HG) daughters. Could this be a new Golden Cross? Time will tell...
Photo of Labeeq AA, by Bar Hajaj

Jun 23
Last weekend, at the International "The City of Kings Show" - France, our homebred colt Fajar AA (Shanghai EA x Fadwa AA by Fadi Al Shaqab) was 1st in his age class with a very good score. The next day at the Championship, he was named Silver Champion Junior Colt.
Fajer was handled beautifully by Mr. Tom Oben.
Photo by Paola Drera

May 23
Great news from South Africa: The Michalow-bred Laheeb daughter, Zlota Rola ( Laheeb x Zlota Orda) was named Southern African Arabian Horse Championship Senior Mare and had the highest Score of the whole show!
Congratulations to her breeder, Michalow Stud of Poland, and to her proud owners, Charlottenberg Arabians (Dr. Barbara Scholz and Dr. H du Toit) of Namibia!
Well done!
Photo by Cari

April 23
Alf, alf mabrouk to HH Sheikh Ammar Bin Humaid Al Nuaimi of Ajman Stud, the breeder and owner of the stunning stallion AJ Kafu who was just named Silver Champion Stallion at the prestigious Dubai International Arabian Horse Championship. And above AJ Kafu's great success, his daughter, the multi champion AJ Kayya, was also named Gold Champion Filly of the show. AJ Kafu was leased to our stud during 2021/2022 and left some amazing foals here. We are still waiting for a few more foals to be born.
Photo by Alessio Azzali

March 23
The 2023 Palestinian Spring Egyptian Show was held a few days ago in the picturesque desert city of Jericho. Some horses related to our breeding program did very well:
Saif Al Majd (Al Ayal AA x Zena MA) Gold Champion Colt Foal
Saif (Shams SharavAA x Nadifa Haima ) Silver Champion Colt Foal
Rayyan Al Khateba (Al Ayal AA x Roshan Al Kewan) Gold Champion Yearling Colt
Rayyan Al Badrieh (Al Ayal AA x Magidaa) Silver Champion Yearling Colt
Sultan Al Bahaa (Al Ayal AA x K.Z. Ahlam) Bronze Champion Yearling Colt
Hayat Yat M.K (Al Ayal AA x Nour Shams) Gold Champion Yearling Filly.
Mela (Al Ayal AA x Adela) Silver Champion Yearling Filly
Dalila M.M (Moaez Al Baydaa x Exotic Sahara) Bronze Champion Yearling Filly
Sima AA (Al Ayal AA x Sinaya AA) Bronze Champion Junior Filly
Sultan Al Baydaa x Kenz Al Baydaa x Mumtaza) Silver Champion Junior Colt
Nabawiyah Abha (Kenz Al Baydaa x Riyan HD) Gold Champion Mare
Raghad Al Arab (Al Ayal AA x Rahaf Al Arab) Silver Champion Mare
Qamar (Al Ayal AA x Azhar Salem) Bronze Champion Mare
Saif Al Fawaris (Shamekh Al Danat x Mawsufa Al Hala ) Gold Champion stallion
Zain Al Din Shahen (Shaheen AA x Ghalia AA) Silver Champion Stallion

Alf Mabrouk to All!!!!!

March 23
At the 2023 Arab Breeders Championship held in the United Arab Emirates some horses related to our breeding program did very well: The Al Ayal grandson KA Nishan (Shanghai EA x AJ Nazwa by Al Ayal AA) was named Gold Champion Stallion! The Silver Champion Stallion at this show was the Al Bilal (Al Maraam x Bahiha by Baahir) son Al Aryam Bare'e (out of Al Aryam Balkeas). Also, a daughter of the multi champion stallion AJ Kafu (previouslý on lease to our stud), was named Gold Champion Filly! Congratulations to all breeders and owners of these wonderful horses. We thank the photographer for this beautiful picture of KA Nishan.

March 23

2023 Grey filly by AJ Kafu (Shanghai EA x AJ Kahayla) out of Turkiz AA (Al Ayal AA x JPJ Talsasha by MB Talman)
Photo by Bar Hajaj

March 23
For a few weeks we hesitated whether to post these pictures, as many of you may think that they were Photoshopped. They aren't. It is just the way this filly is!
She is Basmin AA, a full sister to multi champions Baahir AA, Bushra AA & Badaya AA, Bahhr AA (all by Al Ayal AA), and half sister to Bahjat AA (Kenz Al Baydaa), Badi Al Zaman AA (Emerald J) & Badir AA (Emerald J).
Basmin is sired by Al Ayal AA out of Badriyah AA, a Nader Al Jamal daughter who became one of the best broodmares at our stud. The dam of Badriyah AA is Baraaqa AA (dam of Baha AA), herself a champion mare, sired by the great Laheeb out of Al Baraqai AA (Baahir x The Vision HG).
All photos are unaltered!
Photos by Bar Hajaj

March 23
When you have a dream (and vision...)💙💙💙
Photo by Bar Hajaj

March 23
The next horse we would like to present is the bold Chestnut stallion, AJ Marzan, proudly bred and owned by HH Sheikh Ammar Bin Humaid Al Nuaimi, Crown Prince of Ajman, and owner of the well-known Ajman Stud of the UAE.
This beautiful chestnut stallion comes from a truly royal family; his sire is the most exotic bay stallion AJ Portofino, a sire of many champions including the 2019 World Champion Filly Algamra. Marzan's dam is Hed AB Maria, a daughter of AB Magnum (by Magnum Psyche).
We brought AJ Marzan to Israel mainly to cover our own mares but a limited number of breeding will be sold to outside mares as well. AJ Marzan will stay in Israel for only one year and will be back to The Emirates by January 2024.
Photo by Elisa Grassi

March 23
The next stallion is Shams Sharav AA.
What can we say of this stallion? In our eyes he simply has it all: stunning overall type with a classic Arabian head, big expressive black eyes, very small shapely ears, a long elegant neck set on a good body, dramatic movement and, best of all, a proven record of siring great foals. But above all he is in character a true Arabian horse -- kind, easy-going and a wonderful companion. A stallion that one can easily imagine quietly standing in his owner's tent in the desert, gentle enough to be free surrounded by an entire human family, children and all. But, put a saddle on him (or take him to a show), and he will show the courage of a lion, conquering the ground in front of him in a split second!
Shams Sharav exemplifies in all ways what a true asil horse should be.
Picture by Bar Hajaj

March 23
Very happy to present picture of this beautiful filly by World Champion Stallion EKS Farajj out of our Multi-Champion mare Sofiya AA (Al Ayal AA x Saniyyah RCA). This filly is a result of combining two breeding programs: Elkasun Arabians in South Africa and Ariela Arabians breeding program. The sire of this filly, EKS Farajj is a son of Ibn Farid out of EKS Bint Helwah (Laheeb x Helwah AA). Elkasun Arabians purchased the wonderful mare Helwah AA, a daughter of Al Ayad out of Al Halah AA (Laheeb x The Vision HG), from us when she was in foal by Laheeb and the rest is history.
Photo by Bar Hajaj

March 2023
Shams Al Din AA is a proven young sire who, at a very young age, was chosen by Lisa and Willie Brown, the owners of the very successful EKS Arabians in South Africa as a sire for their program. He left a few stunning daughters at EKS Arabians before returning to our farm. He is sired by our well-known champion-producing sire Shams Sharav AA (Simeon Sharav x Saniyyah RCA), himelf a multi-champion stallion with exceptional movement. His dam is the Laheeb daughter Ralya (out of Sahara PG by Botswana). Beside being an eye-catching stallion with big, black eyes and great "dry" type, Shams Al Din greatly resembles his grandsire Laheeb, sharing that same special elegance and overall quality, curvy flowing lines, and good length of leg and superb balance. Some of our best mares are in foal to this young sire for 2023 foals, including: Turkiz AA (Al Ayal AA), Noya AA (Al Ayal AA), Nour Al Jamal AA (Nader Al Jamal) and Nashwah AA (Al Ayad).
Photo by Bar Hajaj

January 2023
Another young stallion is the very classic, silky white Adnan AA. Adnan AA is a son of the Al Baydaa bred stallion Kenz Al Baydaa, who was kindly leased to our stud for two breeding sessions by his owner, Hanaya Stud.
Adnan's dam is the beautiful mare Atiq Adara, bred and owned by Idan Atiq Arabian Stud. She is a rare daughter of the German-bred stallion Al Ayad (Moheeb x Al Mamunah by Maysoun). Al Ayad is a blend of some of the best and most classic of the "old" German breeding, lines which are becoming more and more difficult to find today in SE breeding. His sire, Moheeb, traces to one of the breed's finest mares, Moheba II (Ghazal x Malacha), of the Farida branch of the El Dahma family. His dam, Al Mamunah, is a Maysoun daughter. Al Mamunah is Hadban Enzahi by strain, tracing back in tail female to the root mare Venus, bred by the Shammar Bedouin.
Atiq Adara's dam is the champion mare Alhambra B, bred by the Babolna Stud in Hungary and chosen and imported by Idan Atiq as a young filly as a future foundation mare. She was sired by one of the breed's most important sires, Salaa Al Dine (Ansata Halim Shah x Hanan), bred by Dr. Nagel of Germany. His dam, Hanan, was a game-changer for Straight Egyptian breeding, and is one of the most important Arabian mares of all time. Among her great progeny one can find several direct sons who served as head sires including Ibn Galal I (by Ibn Galal, head sire at the Babolna Stud), Asfour (by Malik, head sire of Simeon Stud), Jamill (by Madkour I, head sire at both Ansata Stud & Katharinenhof Stud). Alhambra B traces back in tail-female to the RAS bred mare Bint Zareefa, a daughter of Balance and Zareefa, who traces to the very valuable Egyptian foundation mare Bint El Bahreyn, born in 1898, of the Dahman Shahwan strain.
Adnan's first foals were born in 2022 and have fulfilled all our hopes and expectations. He is standing at Stud with Mr. Salman Basha in Daliyat Al Carmel.
Photo by Bar Hajaj

January 2023
The third stallion is another son of the fleabitten mare Badriyah AA (Nader Al Jamal x Baraaqa AA by Laheeb), a mare with extreme type and super movement. This young stallion is Baahir AA, a son of 2018 Bronze World Champion Stallion, Al Ayal AA (Al Ayad x The Vision HG).
Baahir was shown from a very young age, and turned out to be a great show horse who did very well whenever he was shown; his titles include 2018 Gold Champion Yearling Colt at the Israeli Egyptian Event, 2019 Gold Champion Colt at the Israeli Egyptian Event, 2019 Gold Champion Colt at the World Champion Straight Egyptian - Milano and 2022 Gold Champion Straight Egyptian Stallion at the Country Life Show in Belgium.
Baahir AA is standing at Stud at Giacomo Capacci Arabians in Italy.
Photo by Gigi Grasso

January 2023
Our second junior stallion is a young horse with a great family behind him; his name is Sarab AA. Sarab AA is sired by the Unanimous Gold Champion Stallion at the 2018 Israeli Egyptian Event, Kenz al Baydaa (Jamil Al Rayyan x Kareemah Saqr). Kenz Al Baydaa represents the powerful sire line of Nazeer through perhaps the most dynamic producing son of Ansata Halim Shah, Ansata Hejazi. Kenz's dam, Kareema Sakr, is one of the most revered and respected Egyptian beauties on the globe today - her beauty and exquisite type are so ethereal as to be almost haunting in the most delicate and elusive way.
The dam of Sarab needs very little introduction; her name is Sofiya AA, our multi champion mare that was on lease to Aria International in the US for a few years and did amazingly well for them. Shortly after returning to her homeland, Sofiya was named Gold Champion Mare at the Israeli Nationals with a massive score of 93 points.
Photo by Bar Hajaj

January 2023
We would like to present to you some of our stallions for the 2023 Breeding season; the first one we would like to speak about is the stallion Bahjat AA. This young stallion combines the blood of many great sires with our best dam line. He is sired by Kenz Al Baydaa (Jamil Al Rayyan x Kareemah Saqr), bred by Al Baydaa Stud from Egypt and proudly owned by Hanaya Stud from Switzerland. His dam is one of our best broodmares and a champion herself, Badriyah AA. This extra typey mare is a daughter of the great Nader Al Jamal (Ansata Sinan x Savannah CC) out of Baraaqa AA (Laheeb x Al Baraqai AA), the dam of the well known stallion Baha AA. Al Baraqai AA is the oldest daughter of the dynamic The Vision HG out of Israeli National Champion Stallion Baahir (Ibn El Mareekh x GF Nasra Bataa).
Until today Bahjat AA was shown only once and named Unanimous Gold Champion Yearling Colt at the 2021 Israeli Egyptian Event.
One of our best broodmares (Latifah AA by Al Maraam) is in foal to Bahjat AA for a 2023 foal and it is no exaggeration to say that we have very high expectations from this cross.
Photo by Bar Hajaj

January 2023
Here we go again... Filly by EKS Farajj out of Sofiya AA (Al Ayal AA x Saniyyah RCA).