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December 2021
Ariela Arabians would like to take this opportunity to wish all our friends and clients around the world a warm season's greetings and happy holidays.
We hope that the year 2022 will be a wonderful year for one and all.

December 2021
Alf, Alf Mabrouk to Ajman Stud from the UAE, for this great success of AJ Kayya (out of AJA Caprice) at the 2021 World Championships! She was 2nd in her class and earned a very high score, including eight 20's and was later named the 2021 World Bronze Champion Yearling Filly. AJ Kayya is bred and owned by Ajman Stud and was shown by Frank Sponle.
This stunning yearling filly is by the young sire AJ Kafu (Shanghai EA x AJ Kahayla) who is currently on lease to us from Ajman Stud. We have extremely high expectations for Kafu's upcoming foals due to be born soon in Israel.
Photo by Alessio Azzali

December 2021
After a one year break due to the Covid-19, the 2021 World Championship was held at the Paris Expo Porte de Versailles. As we have done over many years, we tried to show at least one or two of our home-bred horses in this show. This year we entered two horses; Sereen AA (Al Ayal AA x Saniyyah RCA) a 2020 Straight Egyptian filly, and Despina AA.
Unfortunately, Sereen was not feeling well so she did not make it to Paris. Hopefully next year she will. Despina AA, our two year old filly, was shown beautifully by Arnauld Mertens and named Top Ten Filly!!!!! This is a great result for this young filly. Her sire is the Brazilian bred stallion Jyar Meia Lua (RFI Maktub x Jiullya El Jamal), out of Damdiyah AA (Ajman Moniscione x Dafina AA). Dafina AA is a daughter of Al Bilal (Al Maraam x Bahiha by Baahir) out of the Michalow bred mare Dumka (Laheeb x Dabrowa by Probat). Dumka was one of the first Laheeb foals born in Poland after his historic lease to the Janow and Michalow Studs.
In 2006 Dumka foaled the multi champion mare Dafina AA (out of Al Bilal). During the last few years this mare has managed to create her own mini-dynasty within our breeding program. Despina AA is one of the members of this precious family.
We wish to thank Arnauld Mertens, Raphael Curti and the wonderful team of Privilege Arabians! You all did an amazing job with our filly! Thank you!
Photos by Alessio Azzali & Bar Hajaj

November 2021
Great success for Al Ayal's offspring at the 2021 Qatari Nationals...
At the 2021 Qatar National Arabian Horse Championship, held in the middle of November, only three Al Ayal fillies took part, all were born this year. There were three 2021 Fillies classes at this show, all were huge classes with 25 fillies in each class. All classes were Championship classes.
In class number 1B, the filly Al Ghezlaniya Al Shaqab (Al Ayal AA x Sultanat Al Shaqab) was shown and named the Unanimous winner of this Championship class. 2nd to her was her half-sister by Al Ayal AA, Gazaa Al Shaqab (out of Zenab AlBadeia). In the next class, class number 1C, another Al Ayal daughter took the lead. This time it was Lehweilah Al Shaqab (Al Ayal AA x Jafla Al Shaqab). No additional Championship class was held for these classes. It is great success for Al Shaqab Stud, the breeder and owner of all three fillies! Well done!
In addition, the 2021 Reserve Yearling Filly of this show was the filly Afrodite, who is out of the Straight Egyptian Al Ayal daughter Lei My Fire! Alf Mabrouk!!!!!

November 2021
At the 2021 UAE National Championship 2021 held some days ago in the United Arab Emirates, the beautiful AJ Kafu (Shanghai EA x AJ Kahayla) daughter AJ Kayya (AJA Caprice) was 1st in her class with a wonderful score of 92.80, including six 20's! Later on AJ Kayya was named Gold Champion Filly! Alf Mabrouk to Ajman Stud!
AJ Kafu will stay in Israel until May 2022. No breeding will be available after this date in Israel.
Photo of AJ Kayya by Elisa Grassi

November 2021
The 2nd show that was held in Israel was the 39th Israeli National Championships. Over 250 horses took part in this show that was right after our Israeli Egyptian Event. We took eight horses to this show and all of these horses were of our own breeding.
All eight horses made it to the championships!

Lamar AA (Shanghai EA x Lulu AA/Marwan Al Shaqab) Top Five At the Colt Foal Championships.
Badi Al Zaman AA (Emerald J x Badriyah AA/Nader Al Jamal) Top Five At the Colt Foal Championships.
Fajer AA (Shanghai EA x Fadwa AA/Fadi Al Shaqab) - Silver Champion Colt Foal.
Dana AA (Emerald J x Damdiyah AA/Ajman Moniscione) - Gold Champion Filly Foal.
Dahab AA (Al Ayal AA x Damdiyah AA/Ajman Moniscione) - Bronze Champion Filly Foal.
Darine AA (Emerald J x Damdiyah AA/Ajman Moniscione) - 2nd place 2020 Filly (c).
Zareen AA (Emerald J x Zlota Gwiazda/Al Maraam) - Silver Champion Yearling Filly.
Fadwa AA (Fadi Al Shaqab x Donya Jamal/Nader Al Jamal) - Bronze Champion Mare.

All of our horses were beautifully shown by Arnauld Mertens! Thank you Arnauld!
Photos by Bar Hajaj

November 2021
It is interesting to note that out of a total of twenty-four horses that received championship titles at the recent Israeli Egyptian Event, twenty-one of them share direct genetic roots to our farm's two most important foundation mares, The Vision HG and Saniyyah RCA! This year’s Egyptian champion stallion and his reserve are direct sons of these two mares. We take pride in the fact that The Vision and Saniyyah have not only had a very strong and positive influence on our program, but, without a doubt, their influence has also had tremendous impact on the genetic shaping of Israel’s entire population of straight Egyptian horses.
Photos by Shira Yegar & Elisa Grassi

November 2021
In our last post we shared the successes of our own farm's entries at Israel's most recent Egyptian Event, but we don't feel that the entire story is complete with sharing the results of horses related to our program that competed to championship level. And of course we would like to point out that this was the biggest Egyptian show ever held in our country with over 220 horses participating.

Below are listed all of the horses that won at this competition that our related to our breeding in the first generation:

Jordan G.R.A. (Al Ayal AA x Raneen Al Hayal) - Gold Champion Colt Foal.
Waad Al Asser (Shams Sharav AA x Almaasa M.Y.) - Bronze Champion Filly Foal.
Malekat Alkhuyol GP (Shams Sharav AA x Rose of Arabie) - Silver Champion Filly Foal.
Sanaa AA (Al Ayal AA x Safiyyah AA/Laheeb) - Gold Champion Filly Foal.

Ressal M.D. (Al Ayal AA x Juri M.O.) - Bronze Champion Yearling Colt.
Shamsan El Shams (Shams Sharav AA x Jana Hamzi) - Silver Champion Yearling Colt.
Bahjat AA (Kenz Al Badida x Badriyah AA/Nader Al Jamal) - Unanimous Gold Champion Yearling Colt.

Bahiya AA (Kenz Al Baida x Baalaqis AA) - Bronze Champion Yearling Filly.
Asala Bint Ayal AK (Al Ayal AA x Bayana Al Buraq) - Silver Champion Yearling Filly.
Najwat Al Amer (Shaheen AA x Katif) - Gold Champion Yearling Filly.

Badir Al Ayal (Al Ayal AA x Zena Al Buraqa) - Bronze Champion Colt.
Al Waheeb AA (Shamekh Al Danat x Ilham AA) - Silver Champion Colt.
Shames A Asser (Shams Sharav AA x AA Mona Albi) - Gold Champion Colt.

Danadish Zamani (Al Ayal AA x Zena Al Buraqa) - Bronze Champion Filly.
Nabawiyah Ab'ha (Kenz Al Baida x Riyan HD) - Silver Champion Filly.
Shafikah AA (Frasera Mashar x Sofiya AA) - Unanimous Gold Champion Filly.

Raghad Al Arab (Al Ayal AA x Rahat Al Arab) - Silver Champion Mare.
OEG Mon Amour (Al Ayal AA x Monet KA) - Gold Champion Mare And high Scoring horse of the Show.

Nader Al Roeya AA (Nader Al Jamal x The Vision HG) - Silver Champion Stallion.
Shams Sharav AA (Simeon Sharav x Saniyyah RCA) - Gold Champion Stallion.

Congratulations to AA Breeders and owners of these beautiful horses!
Photos by Bar Hajaj

November 2021
After two years without competitions in our country because of Covid 19, it was clearly time to return to the routine and our farm was thrilled to take part in both the Israeli Egyptian Event and National Championships which were held back to back and hit record numbers regarding competitors and number of Arabian horse enthusiasts in attendance. Both shows were complete successes with 220 horses participating in the Egyptian Event and 230 in the Israeli Championships. Congratulations to the Israel Arab Horse Society on their organization of two such successful and well-run shows!

So we will start, of course, with our Egyptian Event which was held the first two days of this Arabian extravaganza. We brought eight horses from our farm, all of them our own homebreds:

Malikat AA (Kenz Al Baida x Malikah AA/Laheeb) - 2nd Place 2020 Fillies (A)
Badaya AA (Al Ayal AA x Badriyah AA/Nader Al Jamal) - 3rd Place 2018 Fillies (B)
La Luna AA (Kenz Al Baida x Llutfina AA/Nader Al Jamal) - 1st Place 2020 Fillies (B)
Bahiya AA (Kenz Al Baida x Balaqis AA/Laheeb) - Bronze Champion Yearling Filly
Sanaa AA (Al Ayal AA x Safiyyah AA/Laheeb) - Gold Champion Filly Foal
Bahjat AA (Kenz Al Baida x Badriyah AA/Nader Al Jamal) - Unanimous Gold Champion Yearling Colt
Shafikah AA (Frasera Mashar x Sofiya AA/Al Ayal AA) - Unanimous Gold Champion Filly
Shams Sharav AA (Simeon Sharav x Saniyyah RCA/Mishaal HP) - Gold Champion Stallion

All of our horses were beautifully shown by Arnauld Mertens who arrived from Belgium just a few days before the event and did an extraordinary job. Thank you, Arnold.
No less important was the exemplary work of Aws Asly and Mussa Nijm who taught our horses how to stand up well and show themselves to best advantage. They worked tirelessly on this training. Thank you, dear friends, for all your efforts.
But in the end the most important contribution to our success, quite naturally, is due to our outstanding farm “home team”, whose continued outstanding day-to-day contributions have never wavered over many long years. It took long months of hard and exacting work to arrive at such wonderful results. Heart-felt and sincere thank you from us to all of you. We love you all sincerely.
Photos by Bar Hajaj & Weaam Abu Dahesh

October 2021
At the 2021 Straight Egyptian World Championship in Milan, the Shams Sharav AA (Simeon Sharav x Saniyyah RCA) yearling colt Sizar MFA alsò took part and placed 2nd in his class. Sizar MFA is out of the Al Ayal AA daughter Toujaan El Amir and is proudly bred and owned by Mr. Fares Mishleb from Israel. Alf Mabrouk Fares!!!!!!!!

October 2021
Last weekend, the 2021 Straight Egyptian World Championship was held in Milano - Italy. We took three horses to the show, all were bred by us! Labibah AA (Nader Al Jamal x Latifah AA by Al Maraam), shown by Tom Oben, was 3rd in her class. The filly Sereen AA (Al Ayal AA Saniyyah RCA), only one year and four months old, was second in her class, and was shown by Raphael Curti. Shaheen AA (Al Ayal AA x Saniyyah AA), shown by Giacomo Capacci, was second in his class.
Later on in the championships, Sereen AA was named Silver World Champion Yearling filly and her older brother Shaheen was named Bronze World Champion Stallion.
Finally, the wonderful mare Fanaticaa, by our home-bred stallion Al Raheb AA (Laheeb x The Vision HG) was named World Gold Champion Mare. This beautiful mare was bred by our friend Raymond Mazzai of Furioso Arabians in the USA. Alf mabrouk, Raymond!
Photos by Alessio Azzali

October 2021
Congratulations to Dr. Frantisek Cizek of Samira Arabians from Czechia, the breeder and owner of the Straight Egyptian filly Usaiya (Al Ayal AA x Usurei). Usaiya was named Silver Champion Filly at the Czech Nationals last weekend in Prague! Well done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

September 2021
The Middle East Championship was held last weekend at the Royal Jordanian Equestrian Federation in Amman Equestrian Center, Jordan. At this show, the two-year old AJ Kafu (Shanghai EA x AJ Kahayla) colt AJ Sadeed (out of AJ Sajaya), was first in his age group and later on named Gold Champion Colt! Alf Mabrouk to his owner, Mr. Mohammad Al Dáaja from Jordan and to Ajman Stud from the UAE, the breeders of this colt.
Photo of AJ Kafu by Bar Hajaj

September 2021
It is time to say Goodbye and Thank You!
All good things have to come to an end, so a few days ago we had to say goodbye and farewell to an exceptional snow white stallion, Moaiz Al Baydaa (Ezz Ezzain x Magda Sakr), proudly bred and owned by Al Baydaa Stud of Egypt. We have a few of our finest mares in foal to him for 2022 foals, so we look forward with great anticipation to seeing these babies in the next few months.
We wish to thank Mr. El Talawy for trusting us with his beloved horse and for letting us use Moaiz for our breeding program. Also, a huge thank you to Raphael Curti for all his help in making our dream come true.
Photo by Bar Hajaj

September 2021
The Ariela Arabian team would like to wish all of our friends from all over the world a happy New Year! May this year will bring you all everything your hearts desire, health, laughter and more.

September 2021
At the 2021 Bruges Arabian Horse Event for Straight Egyptian Horses, our Yearling filly Sereen AA (Al Ayal AA x Saniyyah RCA) was named Gold Champion Yearling Filly with the great score of 92.63. Later on this young filly was named Best in Show. Sereen is a full sister to the multi champions Sofiyyah AA & Shaheen AA.
She was shown beautifully by Mr. Raphael Curti of Privilege Arabians from Belgium. We wish to thank Raphael and all his wonderful team, for the great job they are doing with our horses. We know it is not easy to keep the horses in such great condition and so happy, so we just want to say how much we appreciate it! Thank you guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Photo by Henrike Hörmann

September 2021
At the Bruges 2021 Arabian Horse Event - European Show, the Janów Podlaski mare Anawa (out of Anarchia) was named Gold Champion Mare with the wonderful score of 92.81, including three 20's for movement. Anawa is a daughter of our home-bred stallion Abyad AA (Nader Al Jamal x Al Amal AA to The Vision HG). Congratulations!
Photo of Abyad AA by Glenn Jacobs

August 2021
ongratulations to our friend, Guy Zvirin, for breeding this extremely beautiful filly sired by the La Movida stallion Jyar Meia Lua (RFI Maktub x Jiullya El Jamal) out of his mare Zaharula AA. Zaharula AA is one of the last daughters of Laheeb (Imperial Imdal x AK Latifa by Ibn Moniet El Nefous), out of the Michalow Stud bred Zlota Gwiazda, a black-bay daughter of Al Maraam (Imperial Imdal x The Vision HG) and Zlota Ksiega (Ganges x Zatoka by Arbil). Guy created a wonderful breeding program through Zlota Gwiazda and this filly is just one of them.
Photo by Bar Hajaj

August 2021
We are happy to announce that we are finally finding the time to update our website, a project long on our "to do" list. Soon it will have a new look as well as much more information and many more photos of our 2020 and 2021 foals. We ask your indulgence and understanding that this will take a bit more time -- hopefully it will be worth the wait!

August 2021
At the Sopot Arabian Horse Show, held in Poland at the end of July 2021, the Polish mare Pila (Abyad AA x Piba by Gazal Al Shaqab) placed 1st in her age group and later on was named Gold Champion Mare of the show.
Pila is a daughter of our home-bred stallion Abyad AA (Nader Al Jamal x Al Amal AA by Halim Shah I out of The Vision HG). At just ten months old Abyad was leased by the former director of Janow Podlaski Stud, Mr. Marek Trela, to cross with some of the farm's best mares. He spent a few years in Poland and produced some great foals for Janow Podlaski Stud.
Congratulations to Janow Podlaski Stud, proud breeder and owner of Pila!
This beautiful Photo of Pila was taken by Ewa Imielska-Hebda Photography

August 2021
It is with much sadness that we share the news of the loss of Bobby Shapiro, our very special and beloved friend, who passed away quietly this weekend.
Bobby was greatly loved and will be remembered for his generous and loyal heart, the strong personal convictions that guided all his actions, his laughter, and his overall vibrancy and joyous passion for life. His undying devotion to his family and friends and his many contributions to Israeli agriculture are remarkable in themselves.
We of the Arabian horse community especially recall Bobby's passionate and energetic dedication to the establishment and continued promotion of the Arabian horse in Israel.
For more than four decades Bobby was both a private breeder and active advocate for the breed in Israel, and he also became a strong ambassador for Israeli breeders among Arabian horse communities abroad.
He remained through out an energetic member of the Israel Arab Horse Society, especially focused on continuing the education of all Society members about the Arabian horse. His work to build enduring ties among all of Israel's various ethnic communities through their common love of the Arabian horse are still appreciated and will not be soon forgotten.
An extraordinary personality and unforgettable individual, Bobby's lasting legacy and personal example are still strongly felt by all who knew him and he will be sorely missed.
May his memory remain a blessing.
Written by Tzviah Idan.
Photo by Menashe Cohen

July 2021
At the Egyptian Event that was held during the Elran Cup show the Straight Egyptian filly Nabilah AA, bred by us and proudly owned by Hanaya Stud, was named Gold Champion Filly. This filly is a daughter of Kenz Al Baydaa out of Nashwah AA (Al Ayad x Insha Sha Latifa by Ansata Selman).
Congratulations to Nayla Hayek and Hanaya Arabian Stud. So happy Nabilah is doing well for you!
Photo by Bar Hajaj

July 2021
Our young filly, Sarai AA, was shown last weekend at the Elran Cup Show in Belgium. It was her first show ever. Unfortunately, the weather in Belgium was not so friendly and it was raining most of the time. Nevertheless, Sarai handled it well; she was 1st in her age group and then in the championship named Silver Champion Filly. A great result for the first show of this filly.
Sarai is a daughter of the La Movida stallion Jyar Meia Lua, out of our mare Safiyyah AA (Laheeb x Saniyyah RCA). She was shown beautifully by Raphael Curti.
We wish to thank Raphael and the whole Privilege Arabians team for all the work and care they gave our filly.
Photo by Bar Hajaj

July 2021
On his way home... We received some great news from Belgium: after a very long trip and a long stay at quarantine in Mauritius, our junior stallion, Shams Al Dine AA, landed safely in Europe. Shams Al Dine (Shams Sharav AA x Raliya by Laheeb) is returning from almost a three year lease to the great breeding program of Lisa & Willie Brown, of the famous Elkasun Arabian Stud in South Africa. We wish to thank Lisa & Willie for choosing this young stallion to be part of their unique breeding program and looking forward to seeing his foals grow up. Shams Al Dine will be standing at Privilege Arabians for a few weeks and then will come back home.
Photo by Alessio Azzali

July 2021
The next day after the Sentower Diamond Trophy European Show, the International show was held on the same show grounds. The yearling filly Saraai AH was shown at this show. Saraai AH is by our Straight Egyptian stallion Shams Sharav AA (Simeon Sharav x Saniyyah RCA). It was her first show ever and she did well by being second in her class and was later named Bronze Champion at the Junior Fillies section. She was shown by Tom Oben.
Congratulations to her breeder AH Arabians and to her proud owner, Dosh Arabians from Israel.
Photo by Alessio Azzali

July 2021
At the 2021 Sentower Diamond Trophy 2021 (European Show), held yesterday in Belgium, the yearling filly Moriah De Cartherey, was 1st in her class and named Silver Champion Junior Filly. Shown by Mr. Tom Oben. Moriah De Cartherey is a daughter of Marion out of our mare Fadwa AA (Fadi Al Shaqab x Doniya Jamal by Nader Al Jamal), she is bred and owned by Antoine and Chantal Rigat of De Cartherey Arabians, from France.
Fadwa was leased to De Cartherey Arabians for one year and she left them two beautiful fillies. Congratulations, guys! We are so happy for you!

May 2021
Our junior stallion, Shaheen AA (Al Ayal AA x Saniyyah RCA) started his 2021 European show campaign yesterday, at the International B Show L'Arte Del Cavalla 2021 in Italy. Shaheen was shown beautifully by Mr. Giacomo Capacci and was 1st in his class with 92.63 points, including three scores of 20. Later that day he was awarded the title of unanimous Gold Champion Stallion.
This was in actuality against all odds....
For those of you who are not familiar with the story of this young straight Egyptian stallion, let me tell you a bit about this brave horse, and the wonderful people who helped him to arrive to where he is today: At ten months old Shaheen was leased by the AlBaydaa Stud in Egypt. Just four weeks before he was to take off to Europe he suffered a severe accident which resulted in a broken back leg. Raphael Curti had so much faith in this colt that he insisted that the lease not be broken. After months of rehabilitation in Israel and later on in Belgium his leg was finally rehabilitated and brought back to full usage.
Raphael and the Privilege team remained absolutely devoted to making sure that Shaheen would recuperate quickly and return to the show ring. And so he did, and with great success. Shaheen was shown in Europe with great results which included the titles of Gold Champion Junior Colt at the Bruges International Show and Silver Champion Yearling Colt at the European Egyptian Event, Germany.
Following this two year lease Shaheen returned home to begin his career as a breeding stallion. He had a great group of mares waiting for him in Israel and produced some amazing foals, proving that he is not just another good show horse, but a great sire as well. When Giacomo arrived in Israel he simply fell in love with Shaheen and asked us to allow him to show him. Giacomo had shown Shaheen's sire, Al Ayal AA, in Paris in 2018 and done a spectacular job with him, so it seems perfectly fitting to let him handle Shaheen as well.
Last weekend was their first time together in the show ring, and it ended well.
Photo by Bar Hajaj

March 2021
This picture was sent to us by Lisa Brown. Lisa and her husband Willie Brown, are the owners of the very successful breeding program, EKS Arabians in South Africa. This picture shows a beautiful daughter of our SE stallion Shams Al Din AA (Shams Sharav AA x Ralya by Laheeb) out of EKS Fahirah (Farhoud Al Shaqab x Bint Starbright Bey). Alf Mabrouk Lisa & Willie, you guys are amazing breeders!
Photo by Alessio Azzali

February 2021
Some mares are like hidden diamonds... One of these is our Laheeb daughter Safiyyah AA, a timid mare who is always hiding behind our other mares, but who has become one of our best producers ever. Born in 2010, Safiyyah is a rare daughter of Laheeb out of Saniyyah RCA (Mishaal HP x My Shooting Star by The Desperado).
Safiyyah gave us some beautiful daughters that we have retained as future broodmares for our breeding program, including Sajida AA (by Al Ayal AA) and Sinaya AA (by Frasera Mashar), both of whom were shown with great success. In 2020 she gave us the fantastic grey filly Sarai AA by Brazilian bred stallion Jyar Meia Lua. This year she blessed us with a breathtaking grey filly by Emerald J, which we named Sarah AA.
So, please don't overlook the hidden diamonds. Sometimes they turn out to be the most valuable of them all and the very essence of your breeding program...
Photo by Bar Hajaj

February 2021
We wish to inform that our junior stallion Bariq Al Mas AA is being leased by the handler Adham Atalla and will stand at stud at his training barn in Yarka.
Bariq Al Mas is a beautiful young horse by the Brazilian-bred stallion Jyar Meia Lua (RFI Maktub x Jiullya El Jamal by Al Jamal), bred by the legendary breeder Lenita Perroy, and proudly owned by Ferdinand & Gerlinde Huemer of La Movida Arabians in Austria.
The dam of Bariq Al Mas is the oldest daughter of The Vision HG, Al Baraqai AA, sired by the multi champion stallion Baahir, a direct son of Ibn El Mareekh out of G.F. Nasra Bataa by Ansata El Nasrany. Al Baraqai AA, who will celebrate her 21st birthday in a few days, has had a huge impact on our breeding program. To name just a few of her progeny will not be easy but here is a very short list: Basmah AA, Balqis AA, Baraaqa AA (Dam of Baha AA & Badriyah AA), Bosmat AA, Badriyah AA & the 2019 World Champion Straight Egyptian Colt Baahir AA.
Bariq is a young horse with a great future ahead of him. He has the quality, conformation, movement and extreme type needed to be a great sire. We wish Adham Atalla a lot of success with Bariq Al Mas AA.
Photo by Bar Hajaj

February 2021
Elisa Grassi sent these pictures of AJ Kayya, proudly bred and owned by Ajman Stud, an ultra-beautiful filly by the young sire AJ KAFU (Shanghai EA x Aj Kahayla by QR Marc) and out of Aja Caprice (by EKS Alihandro).
AJ Kafu is on lease to us for the 2021/22 breeding seasons and we are looking forward to next year to see his foals from our mares. His breeding is only available in Israel throughout his stay with us, and no breedings will be available in the future after he leaves the country.
Photo by Elisa Grassi

January 2021
The 2nd filly of this year has now arrived. She had a few tough days but is doing well now. A SE filly with great bloodlines by the Al Baydaa Stud stallion Moaiz Al Baydaa (Ezz Ezzain x Magda Sakr by Tallahsman) out of Nile Maha AA (Ansata Nile Pharaoh x Malikah AA by Laheeb). We are looking forward to seeing this beautiful filly grow up and take part in our breeding program next to her mom and her half sister Nile Massa AA.
Photo by Mansour Habka

January 2021
We wish to congratulate Mr. Salman Basha from Daliyat Al Carmel, for leasing our young Straight Egyptian colt Adnan AA. This beautiful horse has royal and rare bloodlines.
He is by Kenz Al Baydaa, one of Hanaya Stud's most treasured stallions, bred by the world famous Al Baydaa Stud from Egypt. Kenz Al Baydaa represents the powerful sire line of Nazeer through perhaps the most dynamic producing son of Ansata Halim Shah, Ansata Hejazi. Kenz's priceless and solid Babson dam line to the influential mare Sabrah has been brought forward through the layering of Glorieta Arabians bloodlines, representing the superior program of Mike and Kiki Case in America, along with a peppering of Darla Bryant breeding, to Ansata, to Imperial Egyptian Stud, then Omar Sakr and of course to the current day program of Al Baydaa. Kenz's dam, Kareema Sakr, is one of the most revered and respected Egyptian beauties on the globe today - her beauty and exquisite type not only ethereal but rather haunting in the most delicate and elusive way.
Adnan's dam is the beautiful mare Atiq Adara, bred and owned by Idan Atiq Arabian Stud. She is a rare daughter of the German bred stallion Al Ayad (Moheeb x Al Mamunah by Maysoun). Al Ayad is a blend of some of the best and most classic "old" German breeding, lines which are becoming more and more difficult to find today in SE breeding. His sire, Moheeb, traces to one of the breed's finest mares, Moheba II (Ghazal x Malacha), of the Farida branch of the El Dahma family. His dam, Al Mamunah, is a Maysoun daughter sold to the Middle East. Al Mamunah is Hadban Enzahi by strain, tracing back tail female to the root mare Venus, bred by the Shammar Bedouin.
Atiq Adara's dam is the Champion mare Alhambra B, bred by the Babolna Stud in Hungary and chosen and imported by Idan Atiq as a young filly as a future foundation mare. She was sired by one of the breed's most important sires, Salaa Al Dine (Ansata Halim Shah x Hanan), bred by Dr. Nagel of Germany. His dam, Hanan, was a game-changer for Straight Egyptian breeding, and is one of the most important Arabian mares of all time. Among her great progeny you can find several direct sons who served as head sires including Ibn Galal I (by Ibn Galal, head sire at the Babolna Stud), Asfour (by Malik, head sire of Simeon Stud), Jamill (by Madkour I, head sire at both Ansata Stud & Katharinenhof Stud). Salaa El Dine was Hanan's youngest son and was the most important sire of DR. Nagel's long and influential breeding program. Alhambra B traces back in tail-female to the RAS bred mare Bint Zareefa, a daughter of Balance and Zareefa, who traces to the very valuable Egyptian foundation mare Bint El Bahreyn, born in 1898, of the Dahman Shahwan strain.
Adnan AA, will be a great future addition to our breeding as he offers, through the unique pedigrees of both his sire and dam, rare and valuable and bloodlines that have proven important to our breeding program.
Photos by Bar Hajaj

January 2021
he first foal this year is a beautiful filly by Emerald J (QR Marc x Emandoria) out of Damdiyah AA. Damdiyah is a daughter of the champion-maker Ajman Moniscione out of our home-bred mare Dafina AA (Al Bilal x Dumka). Dumka is a Laheeb daughter bred at Michalow Stud in Poland; in 2001 we chose her for our breeding program out of all the Laheeb daughters born at Michalow the year before. Dumka is the first horse we ever added to our breeding program from our long cooperation with the two Polish Studs, and she certainly created a dynasty of her own at Ariela Arabians through her Al Bilal (Al Maraam x Bahiha) daughter Dafina AA. The new filly is a full sister to Darine AA, born last year and she is all what we were hoping for from this cross.
Photo by Bar Hajaj