News and highlights of Ariela Arabians - 2004

December 2004
Ariela Arabians would like to wish our friends, clients and website visitors a wonderful holiday season and a healthy and happy 2005

December 2004
And the grand finale of this extraordinary year:
The ECAHO website just announced the winners of the very first ECAHO Cup Challenge, and our own Loubna (Imp. Imdal x Imp. Kalatifa), 2004 World Champion Mare, All Nations Cup Champion & Elran Cup Champion Mare, leads this prestigious list.
And, even more extraordinary, Emira, the beautiful Laheeb daughter from Michalow Stud, 2004 Polish National Champion Mare & European Reserve Champion Mare, is ranked right behind Loubna!
The ECAHO-Cup evaluation is awarded according to a point system with titles awarded for the categories Fillies, Colts, Mares and Stallions. The best-placed horses are able to collect points at all National Championship, recognized A, and Title-Shows. The points are calculated both according to the number of horses participating in every class and the individual ranking of each horse.
(Photos copyrights - Irina Filsinger)



December 2004
For the first time ever, an Israeli bred horse won a world championship title in Paris.
Loubna was named 2004 World Champion Mare, presiding over some of the world's best mares, including El Dorada, Emira, WA Fawn Obession, Fallada, Palmira, Maroutssia, Olita, Nesila & Tai Emerald Bay. Loubna was shown five times in 2004 and remained undefeated during this amazing year.

It is now just one year after the loss of Imperial Imdal, one of the world's greatest stallions, but his progeny continue his legacy: including daughter Loubna named World Champion Mare, grandson Imperial Baarez named Reserve World Champion Stallion, and additional progeny Emira, Pyramid Laneya & Massubi, all earning coveted Top Fives in the most prestige show in the world.

We would like to thank Frank, Sabina and their wonderful team for making this dream come true. And a big thank you to the great group of Israeli friends who supported us during the entire weekend and shared in this victory.
(Photo copyrights - Irina Filsinger)

December 2004
At the same time that other horses were competing in the finals of the World Championships in Paris, the last races of the season were taking place at the Sluzewiec track in Warsaw, Poland. Laheeb foals bred by the Janow Podlaski Stud, showed that they succed as race as well as show horses: Ariadne (Argentyna) won the 2nd group race (1600 meters) for three year old horses, and Poganin (Pohulanka), a young stallion with a great show record, took second place.
(Photo copyrights - Irina Filsinger)


December 2004
The black stallion Al Hakim (Muhajjal x The Vision HG),
owned by Black-Smoke Stud in Germany, is standing in Spain in order to cover the best mares of the Diego Mendez herd!!! Mr. Antonio Gonzales of Complutum Arabians in Madrid has purchased Mendez's entire herd. Diego Mendez is one of the world's leading Arabian horse experts and the breeder of 4 World Champions and approximately 30 National Champions!!! Truly a record that will stand "forever". Antonio Gonzales chose Al Hakim to cover the 40 best mares of the former Mendez herd. We wish him continued success.
(Photo copyrights - Irina Filsinger)

November 2004
Once again, horses related to our breeding program dominated the winners circle at the Israeli Nationals:
The first four fillies placing in the 2004 Filly Class were all related to Ariela Stud, and in the 2004 Colt class, two out of three as well.
Four out of five of the top ranking 2003 fillies were related to our stud, and even more in each of the junior classes.
At the show's end, the newest addition to our stud, the imported filly Insha Shah Latifa won the title of Israeli National Champion Filly.
The beautiful Laheeb colt AA Assal won the title of Israeli Reserve National Champion Colt. This promising young colt was bred & is owned by our good friend Avi Aharoni.
Luiba, a full sister to Loubna, was named Israeli National Champion Mare.
Luiba is also the proud granddam of the 2004 Champion Filly foal, Amirat Al Jamal, bred & owned by Fissal Shawaki.
And for the second year, Laheeb was unanimously chosen by the three judges to take the title of Israeli National Champion Stallion.
Thank you to all our clients and friends and especially to Frank Sponle, who did, like he always do, a super job with our horses…

Insha Shah Latifa



Some of the best friends, clients and team of Ariela Arabians

October 2004
Emira, the charming Laheeb daughter bred and owned by Poland's Michalow Stud, was named 2004 European Reserve Champion Mare, over some of Europe's best mares.
Unfortunately, due to the new ECAHO rules, our mare Loubna
could not participate in this show.

September 2004
What an honor!!! Our mare Loubna won the title of Champion Mare at the all Nations Cup in Aachen.
Loubna performed extremely well in front of the judges, and garnered the score of 94.9, including ten scores of 20, three of them for movement.
Loubna is the first Israeli-bred horse to achieve this top honor.
At the some show, our stallion Mosalli become second in his class with a great score of 93 points.
Emira, a beautiful Laheeb daughter from Michalow Stud in Poland, was the winner of the young mare's class.
We would like to thank Frank Sponle and his wonderful team, for making this dream come true.
(Photo copyrights - Erwin Escher)

August 2004
A wonderful performance and high scores netted Loubna the Mare Championship title at the Elran Cup 2004.
This prestigious International show was held at the premises of Kasteel Van Rullingen, Borgloon. This was Loubna's third show of the year and her third victory.
(Photo copyrights - Irina Filsinger)

August 2004
At the 26th Polish National Arabian Horse Show, the well known Laheeb daughter Emira (Embra) became Champion Mare with great scores, beating some of the world's most beautiful mares. Congratulations to Michalow Stud for this wonderful success.
(Photo copyrights - Dick Reed)


August 2004
Great show at Baden-Baden:
* At her first show ever, our new filly Insha Sha Latifa took second in her age class at the prestigious Egyptian Event Europe.
* Loubna had one of her best shows ever with extremely high marks from all the judges and was named both EEE Supreme Champion Mare and "Best Egyptian Horse of the Year".
* With only three horses competing, Israel took third place after Germany and Italy in the overall ranking of the EEE "Nations Cup". This success was achieved with the help of Massubi (owned by the Arad family) who won the title of EEE Reserve Junior Champion Colt.
(Photos copyrights - Carola Toischel)

Insha Sha Latifa

July 2004
Auf Widersehen, Valentino.
After one & one half years as our stud, Ali Valentino has returned home to Hamra Arabians in Germany.
We are extremely happy and proud of the foals he left in Israel.
Thank you, Gabi, for letting us use Ali in our breeding program and all the best to you both in the future. Valentino, we miss you already...
(Photos copyrights - Martin Kubat)

July 2004
Muhajjal (Imperial Imdal x Maar Bilahh) was named Champion Stallion at the UK Egyptian Event.
A warm thank you to the Jones family owner of Bychan Arabians from the South of Wales, for all your efforts.

July 2004
We wish to welcome the newest addition to our program:
Insha Sha Latifa, a SE Dahman Shahwan filly, bred by Christian & Thomas Bobrzyk of Insha Allah stud - Germany.
Latifa's sire is the Qatari stallion Ansata Selman and her dam is our homebred mare Naffada (Imp. Imdal x Imp. Naffata), who traces back to the famous mare Deenaa.
Our sincerest thanks to the Bobrzyk family for trusting us with Latifa's future, and to Frank Sponle for all his assistance.
(Photos copyrights - Thomas Gutersohn)

June 2004
In her first appearance in 2004,
our mare Loubna (Imperial Imdal x Imperial Kalatifa) become Senior Champion Mare at the International B Show in Lingfield, UK.
Loubna had the highest score of the show.
(Photos copyrights - Thomas Gutersohn)


May 2004
At the ever popular 7th Galilee Arabian Horses Show held on May 22, the three judges Mrs. Modderman (Holland), Mr. Mazai (USA) and Mr. Carson (USA) liked what they saw of our breeding program:
* Reserve Junior Champion Colt title went to AA Assal by Laheeb, owned and bred by Mr. Avi Aharoni.
* The Champion Mare title went to Rayhaniyah (Imdal x Rihahna), bred by Ariela Arabians and proudly owned by Mr. Doron Cobi.
* Champion Stallion honors went to our own Mukassas
(Mosalli x Imperial Im Phayana).
(Photos copyrights - Shira Yeger)


May 2004
At this year's first European show our senior stallion Mosalli (Imperial Imdal x Musaliha) took 2nd in his class behind former World champion Eternity Ibn Navarrone-D who was later named Senior Champion and best in Show.The Judges awarded Mosalli with the second highest score of all horses shown and he won the coveted title of Tulip Cup Top Five Stallion.
(Photos copyrights - Thomas Gutersohn)


May 2004
At his first appearance on the UK show circuit, our young stallion Muhajjal (Imperial Imdal x Maar Bilahh) won his class and the Reserve Championship title, at the prestigious North West Regional Show. The three judges awarded Muhajjal with three straight 20's for movement. Our sincerest thanks to Rhodri Jones and the entire Bychan Arabians team for the excellent care and hard work they invested to prepare Muhajjal for this event.

April 2004
At the annual Israel Arabian Spring Show, judged by Willi Poth, our colt Al Safir AA (Al Maraam x Maar Bilahh) took the title of Reserve Junior Champion behind the colt Shakir, who is sired by Halim Shah I (*Ansata Halim Shah x 214 Ibn Galal I) from Hungary's Babolna Stud. Halim Shah I stood at Ariela Arabians for two seasons.
Tamar Manara By Imperial Imdal, owned and bred by Eli and Tami Arad was named Reseve Senior Champion Mare at the same show
(Photos copyrights - Shira Yeger)
Al Safir AA

April 2004
Our homebred horse Lail (Mosalli x Imperial Kalatifa) won the title of Senior Champion at the halter competition held yearly as part of the prestigious Israel Breeder's Cup competition under European Judge Willi Poth of Germany.
The racing segment of the program will run until mid-summer.
Leil is proudly owned by Mr. Dalal Haleed.
(Photos copyrights - Karen Kasper)

March 2004
To Dick & Francine Bestselling of Bessewacht Arabians –
The Netherlands, on their leasing our beloved stallion Al Maraam.
To Om El Arab International, USA, for choosing to use our homebred Al Lahab (Laheeb x The Vision) in their highly successful breeding program.
Al Lahab is proudly owned by the Friedmann Family of Germany.
To Babolna stud, Hungary, for choosing to use the stallion
HS Jupiter (Laheeb x Ansata Justina), bred by our stud and owned by Halsdon Arabians - UK, in their historic breeding program.
(Photos copyrights - Shira Yeger)


January 2004
On January 15, 2004 the Israeli Breeder's Cup Competition and the Israel Arab Horse Society presented a special Certificate of Appreciation to Ariela Arabians which read: "To Ariela Arabians - Thank you for Bariq Al Amal, Shahir, Mujalli, Mahbub, Tamar Ramon, Imperial Latif and Labib - the sires of 11 out of 12 winners of the 2003 Breeder's Cup. Quality begets quality."

The Breeders Cup awards and payout are presented to 12 Arabian horses annually on the basis of that year's track records and an in-hand competition which stresses both breed type, movement, and sport horse conformation.